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ZYPPAH’s Snore Prevention System
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If you’re ready for a restful night sleep we’ll ship this revolutionary device to you right away for just $89.95 + FREE S&H! Our satisfaction guarantee ensures your success, so if you aren’t satisfied simply call our toll free number within 30 days and return the ZYPPAH RX and never pay another penny! No questions asked!

The Cause of Snoring
Snoring is caused by tongue movement within your mouth. The tongue, which is a muscle, relaxes during sleep. When the tongue relaxes it falls back in your mouth – resulting in a blocked airway and a noise we are all familiar with – snoring! This is why when you sleep on your back the snoring usual gets louder. It increases because gravity is causing your tongue to fall back further – and further blocks the airway.

The ZYPPAH® Solution
ZYPPAH® uses a patent-pending elastic that holds and stabilizes the tongue - preventing it from falling back into your throat and helps open up the airway. The ZYPPAH® elastic also comfortably stabilizes the tongue. And the result? No more snoring!

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Doctor Recommended

ZYPPAH® is not only recommended by Doctors - it’s preferred! Unlike expensive breathing devices that just get in the way and snoring strips that aren’t always effective, ZYPPAH® is easy, affordable and provides real results. Proven safe and effective, it’s a solution you can trust.

Proper sleep doesn’t just make you feel great in the morning, it dramatically affects your life and health! So if snoring is disrupting you or your loved one, it’s time to try ZYPPAH® and help address some of the serious sleep deprivation side effects such as:

  • Increased likelihood of obesity and weight gain
  • Reduction of memory and judgment
  • Potential for depression and mood disorders
  • Increased risk for heart attack and stroke

Proper sleep is vital for optimal health and happiness. So stop snoring and get the sweet slumber you have been dreaming of, Get ZYPPAH® Today!
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